Dec 7, 2016

Chairs have always been the forward-runners of design change. They have for some mysteries reason the capacity for establishing a new sense of style almost overnight. Rietveld established a whole new design mode with a chair. So Mackintosh with his.”

'Just a Few Chairs and a House: an Essay on the Eames Aesthetic’, Architectural Design, September 1966.

Dec 2, 2016

Prototype Program Diagram

A program was created to evoke core emotions through these spaces. Dwellers experience space and process their emotions accordingly. These spaces are not intended to be prescribed emotional spaces, rather suggested spaces that facilitate an environment where people may cope with their emotions. Human beings are complex, and as such, two may experience opposing emotions in the same programmed space. These experiences are processed through visual stimulation, perception, and scale. The program extends past these spaces to the community as dwellers share spaces between the prototypes. This creates an emotional connection throughout the community.

Community Scale Diagram