Oct 31, 2016

P.02 Program Diagram

The prototype program is dependent on five unique spaces.  These spaces cultivate the creative personality.  Moving through the space offers a unique playful experience, interpersonal spaces stimulate your mind, unique forms are placed throughout to allow a tangible canvas of expression, isolation allows for peace of mind, and finally the ability to recharge and fuel your mind.  These programmatic space are the essence of the dis.PLAY.create House.

Oct 30, 2016

Albert Frey's Week-end House

  • Rosa, Joseph. 1990. Albert Frey, architect. P. 60-61 New York, NY: Rizzoli International.

  • "In 1934, the Kocher Canvas Week-end House was constructed for Frey’s parthner, Kocher. This house is similar in design, but not in detail, to the Experimental Week-end House. Built in North Port, New York, about a mile from the shore, the house had

Oct 25, 2016

Really Practical

I can remember my first thoughts about the project that we had to develop during the semester. To me it was very clear: we needed to develop a house that would be considered “new”, since it would interact with its owner. The house would be an extension of the iPhone basically. It would use technology, being sensible to touch and to inputs. It would collect big data generated by its users, managing their comfort, needs, and in some extent, the space itself. The furniture in this house would

P02 - Conceptual Programmatic Study

The Society of the Spectacle and Black Mirror Reflections

As I was watching to one of my favorite series in the moment, I was sure that I would have to write about the first episode of season 3 of "The Black Mirror", by Charlie Brooke: Nosedive. It illustrates how society will incorporate social media to their lives in a much more profound way than sharing pictures and funny posts. According to the episode, social media would impact our acceptance in

Oct 24, 2016

Social Media and Communication

Emotions on Facebook
Contemporary society portrays emotions freely through social media, and as a result, it seems that there is a lack of censorship of our emotions. What does society communicate when it turns to social media to cope with emotions rather than coping with this on a personal and individual level? Social Media connects us, and disconnects us at the same time. Can architecture communicate and connect our emotions as social media does?

Oct 23, 2016

Huddle Springs Restaurant

William Cody's 1957 Huddle Springs restaurant was one of the most spirited examples of Googie-style architecture in all of Southern California. Situated on the curve of East Palm Canyon Drive across from the present-day Rock Garden restaurant, its soaring angled beams and brightly colored canvas awnings formed the outside; the interior was a flowing plan of Eames fiberglass chairs that obliterated the line between inside and out"

Hess, Alan, and Andrew Danish. Palm Springs Weekend. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2001.