Aug 31, 2016

Charette - Resurrect

What is the essence of a dwelling space?

How do you design a dwelling space for 2016?

Which ideas will we resurrect and which are we to keep buried?

Yasmine Jafari

Lina Bo Brdi - Glass House

Lina Bo Bardi was an Italian-brazilian architect; afetr moving from Italy to Brazil in 1946, she built her first project in the country: The Glass House. During this period, her work was inspired by architects like Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier; however, she incorporated some new concepts


As we move forward into a new age of enlightenment and understanding of technology and advancement so to will all things we touch, smell, taste, view and experience in our short lived time on our planet.

How will you shape this future?  How will we live in this future?  Will we look to the past?  Will we create our own vision?

I challenge you to envision the next step of the architectural realm of the home.  To which all of us spend the majority of our time and contemplation.  In step with technology advances of the age is foremost.  As the devices we interact with evolve so to will the shelters in which we dwell.








For most, HOUSE still conjures image of rectangular dwelling, tall chimneys, front porches, and big lawns.  Technology has taken over all aspects of life, including speed of architecture.  In this fast moving world, we are desperately in need to give to new face to architecture.
Also the tenacity with which man clings to old form of house, because he does not know new yet - is a factor that will stop realization of FUTURE HOUSE. Currently instead of making houses we are making memories of places- by copying old forms. We have to loosen this cling and derive What architecture is in i-phone era?

With a vision to give new direction to housing- we students of UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-M.ARCH LVL-II, are undertaking project called " FROM CASE STUDIES TO RE-INVENTION" under guidance of Dr.Marta Rodriguez.

The Plug-In City / Peter Cook, Archigram

Between 1960 and 1974 Archigram created over 900 drawings, among them the plan for the “Plug-in City” by Peter Cook. This provocative project suggests a hypothetical fantasy city, containing modular residential units that “plug in” to a central infrastructural mega machine. The Plug-in City is in fact not a city, but a constantly evolving megastructure that incorporates residences, transportation and other essential services--all movable by giant cranes.  The essence of Archigram pushes the boundaries of fantasy and reality and inspired us to reimagine the home in our eyes.