Nov 1, 2016

Le Parc de la Villette

Statements by Bernard Schumi in the book, Cinegramme Folie Le Parc de la Villette:

The superimposition of the three systems (points, lines, surfaces) creates the park as it generates a series of calculated tensions which reinforce the dynamism of the place. Each of the three systems displays its own logic and independence

The programmatic needs first have been exploded into a series of fragments. These fragments are then distributed around a single built common denominator: the point grid of Folies. Each Folie is aimed at developing a clear symbol for the Park, a recognizable identity as strong as the British telephone booth or the Paris Metro Gates

The pedestrian movements are qualified by
1) Two coordinate axes, or covered perpendicular galleries
2) A meandering "cinematic" promenade that relates various parts of the park in a sequential manner
3) Alleys of trees linking the key activities of the site

The various park surfaces have their own textures, corresponding to their respective programmatic needs (pavements, grass, sports)

Tschumi, Bernard. Cinégramme Folie: Le Parc De La Villette, Paris Nineteenth Arrondissement. Sevenoaks: Butterworth Architecture, 1987.

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